Caribbean Vacations

I Prefer a Caribbean Vacation

Have you ever wanted to just get away for a few days? I know I have. I think about my next vacation almost every day. I daydream about the wind in my hair, the sea breeze gently blowing, the smell of salt water, island music playing in the background, and the sun warming my skin. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like paradise to me!

Where would you go if you could pick anywhere in the world? Would you pick a Caribbean island paradise like me? Or would you go backpacking through Europe like a number of my family did last year? They toured all of Western Europe visiting London, Scotland an even kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland, which sounded beautiful by the way. Maybe you wouldn’t want to travel internationally. There is plenty to see in the United States. We have beaches, mountains, and a number of different landmarks. I always thought it would be cool to drive coast to coast. But on second thought I would probably get tired of it about five hours into the trip.

Planning my Caribbean Vacation

Regardless, I can’t really seem to get the relaxing beach off of my mind. And I love visiting the Caribbean. I started planning a trip there a few weeks ago in fact. How did I choose where to go? I narrowed it down by chipping away at my options.

I have heard a lot of good things about a lot of different travel websites so I started planning my trip by looking through a pile of the best Cheap Caribbean reviews available. After reading the good, the bad and the ugly I decided to pull the trigger. So now that I had a general destination picked out plus a company to help me get there I needed to decide on a final destination.

The company offers trips to a number of different resorts that pretty much all look the same on the website. One of the nicer and less expensive (I always try to be money conscious whether I have it or not because you never know) was the Dreams Resort and Spa in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Again, I hit the internet looking for dreams la romana reviews. They all seemed pretty good. Of course you are always going to have the people whom have to complain about everything. I just consider them as outliers and move on. After going through the reviews I decided that would be the place I stayed.

Now my trip is all planed and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have something to look forward to at work as I daydream about the sand between my toes. I’ll come back relaxed and ready to give it 110% (at least that’s what I’ll tell my boss).

I can’t wait to go. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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